2022 Convention Artist Survey
This survey collects data about artists and artisans vending at NORTH AMERICAN conventions and events in 2022. Data for events in other countries is not being collected at this time. Sorry!

This survey is long and may take 10-20 minutes to complete. Artists are encouraged to bookmark this page and respond for EACH convention they attend in 2022. The more data is collected, the more valuable the results!

Past years' data:

All submissions are ANONYMOUS. This survey will close January 15th, 2023.
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Which 2022 convention did you exhibit at? *
Please write the convention's FULL NAME, e.g. "Anime Expo" instead of "AX". If the event occurs more than annually, please denote season, e.g. "SacAnime Summer." If an organisation holds conventions in more than one location, please designate the location, e.g. "FanExpo Toronto." Please fill out this survey for one convention at a time. Please do not fill out this survey for events that did not occur in 2022.
What genre was this convention? *
How many days was the convention? *
Specifically, how many days were SELLING days? If a convention has programming on 4 days, but vendors are only selling for 3 days, count it as a 3 day convention.
In what month did this convention occur? *
What was the convention's approximate attendance?
Warm body count, not turnstile count, if possible. If no attendance information is available for this year, make an estimate based on prior years' data, if possible.
What state or province was the convention in? *
Did this convention have an in-person 2020 or 2021 event? *
Do not count digital/virtual-only events.
Did the 2022 event have COVID-related restrictions? *
How strict was enforcement of these restrictions?
Not Strict
Very Strict
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