Rotary Club of Roseville Foundation Community Grants Criteria and Instructions
Community Grant Minimum Criteria -

To receive a Community Grant from the Rotary Club of Roseville Foundation, the applicant must meet ALL of the following criteria:

* CHARITABLE: Grants must be used for a charitable purpose by an organization that is clearly philanthropic in nature. The organization is not required to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are not made to individuals or for activities that are promoting specific religious or political viewpoints.

* LOCAL: Grants must be used within the Roseville Community as defined by the boundaries of the City of Roseville

* RECOGNITION FOR THE ROTARY CLUB OF ROSEVILLE FOUNDATION: The applicant must agree to publicize or acknowledge the contribution in a way that promotes community awareness of the Rotary Club of Roseville Foundation.

The Rotary Club of Roseville Foundation has its own scholarship program. Therefore, grants will not be awarded for scholarships to educational institutions.

Community Grant Focus Area -

In addition to the minimum criteria for Community Grants, the Rotary Club of Roseville Foundation has identified the following focus areas for funding:
* Youth
* Education
* Seniors
* Community Benefit

Application Instructions -

Please be concise and specific in describing your project, its activities and how the funds will be used.

1. No application attachments will be accepted. We will contact you if additional information is needed.
2. Explain how the funds will be used to benefit our local community and achieve the project's end result.
3. Rotary expects to be recognized for its contribution to your organization. This can be done through media releases, Letters to the Editor, placing the Rotary Club name or logo on printed materials, prominent placement on Social Media, etc.
4. Please let us know any other sources to which you have requested funds for this project. Applying to other sources in no way negatively impacts your application. Our Club appreciates combining funding sources to achieve greater results.
5. You may apply for more than one project, but each project requires a separate application.
6. We will not accept applications for projects, activities, or purchases that have already taken place.
7. Grant funds must be expended within a 12 month period of grant approval.
8. All applications must be typed or printed legibly and signed by an authorized representative of the requesting organization. Applications can be downloaded at
9. Status reports may be required for projects exceeding $5,000.00. Frequency of reports will be determined on the length of the project.

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