EIT-Part one - Quiz-1
This questionnaire is a short test of the material you learned in Part 1
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System description
Much of the Cod fish we consume is caught in the Atlantic Ocean, around Scandinavia. We plan to track the supply chain from the time it is caught until it is ready to eat in the household. The objective of the tracking is to increase the control and awareness of Cod processing. This includes its cleaning, filleting, packing, preparation, and consumption by the household member group. The way Cod is processed affects its nutritional value. This is why we model the process and ask the following questions.

 Below is an Object-Process Diagram (OPD) that describes the Cod Tracking system. Please examine the diagram and answer the following questions.
1.  What is (are) the physical object(s) in the diagram?
1 point
2. What is (are) the informatical (non-physical) object(s) in the diagram?
1 point
3. What is (are) the process(es) in the diagram?
1 point
4. Describe in your own words the system presented in the diagram.
2 points
5. Suggest three sub-processes that can be added to the main process in the diagram?
1 point
Please watch the following video clip -
6. Describe the similarities and differences between the cod tracking system and the coffee making system in the video clip you watched.
2 points
Below are sentences in Object-Process Language (OPL). They are created automatically based on the model. The statements describe things and links among them.
7. What does the cod tracking system include? What is your answer based on? Please explain.
2 points
8. Did the OPL sentences improve your understanding of the diagram? If so, which ones and in what way?
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