CYC Executive Council Application
In 2021, the CYCTO will begin our ninth year as an institution. This year will be critical in our restructuring in anticipation of our 10th anniversary in 2022. Enacting change for and increasing civic participation among Toronto’s youth remains our organization’s mission, but, as will be outlined in this document, our methods for doing so have changed considerably.

The focus of 2021, and, if successful, all future years, will be the creation of three excellent priority motions and an effort for them to pass in City Council. Through this process, Councillors and volunteers will undergo experiential civic learning. The Council will also continue to organize out of council outreach events.

Councillors will communicate through Microsoft Teams. They will be given a list of meeting times, dates, and locations on Teams at the beginning of the term, and will RSVP on Teams prior to each meeting. Voting during meetings, the sharing of motions, and attendance via e-conference will take place on Teams as well.

You cannot be an Executive Council member and a Councillor.

Applications are due on Monday, August 10th at 11:59 PM!
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