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After receiving so many direct messages over the past few months, we have decided to make a form to collect info on folks who are interested in offering matching to the pools and/or supporting the collective directly! This info will only be seen by the three main organizers (Josie, Janeé, Bomi) and will be kept completely confidential. If you feel so inclined, please share this form with others you believe may be interested in supporting this collective. As always, we are grateful for any and all support offered. Thank you! - PCP

to learn more about pocketchangepools, visit us on IG:pocketchangepools & twitter:@pc_pools
What is your full legal name? *
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What are your pronouns? a brief explanation on pronouns: https://bit.ly/3j6L8Oq *
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What are your social media handles, if any?
What region are you from? *
What time zone are you in? *
Are you a Carleton College Alum? *
If so, what year?
What type of matching are you interested in? *
If offering art, what kind and / or how many items?
If offering a corporate match, where do you work? this will be kept confidential.
What are your matching rates?
What is your maximum company matching, if any?
Up to what amount are you offering to the pools in (1) calendar year? *
Do you have a region in the United States that you prefer your match go to? A state, city, neighborhood? you may be as specific as you'd like. *
Do you have a cause that you prefer your match go to? *
If we feel we are in need of a match, is it okay to reach out to see if you'd be interested even if it's for a cause you didn't prefer? *
Are you interested in matching for organizations / collectives or individuals? *
Are you interested in providing financial support to pocketchangepools organizers? *
If so, up to what amount in (1) calendar year?
How did you hear about us? *
Anything else you'd like us to know?
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