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Open questions
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c) What are your life goals or professional goals? *
d) How will working as a FIN intern help you towards your goals? *
e) Is there anything related or unrelated to the above that you would like to do for the needy during your internship - that is related to Water, Waste management, Sanitation and Hygiene behaviour? *
Please tell us about yourself so that we can co-design an interesting project with you!
1.Interests, linguistic and communication strengths *
not at all
not much
Curiosity and interest in rural development
Writing skills in English
Speaking skills in English
Speaking skills in any other language
Knowledge of Microsoft word, Excel and powerpoint
Speed of typing on computer
Familiarity with internet, facebook, whatsapp etc.
Familiarity of programming
Power point
Public speaking/Debating
Video programming
2.Your experience: Give your answers in a few lines making them as factual as possible – for example – I visited the village of xx in xx state around xxx (giving dates): 2.1.Ever visited a visited a village in India? 2.2. Why did you go there? 2.3.Ever visited a slum in India?2.4. Why did you go there? 2.5. Have you lived in a community outside home? (say hostel etc.) *
3. FIN Focus Variables & Activities of interest *
Capacity Building
Building Engagement
Waste Management
Hygiene Behaviour
4. Research - Intern’s Interests *
I like non-fiction writing of all kinds and am good at it
I like writing fiction of all kinds and am good at it
I want to do research to create knowledge
I want to do research to create a tool for application or give strategy recommendation
I know and like doing evaluation through survey
I know and like Information gathering through survey
I know and like Information gathering through documentary or internet research for pure research
I know and like Information gathering/documentation through semi-structure interviews
Any other
5. Actions: What kinds of actions/activities do you like doing?
I am good at and want to do
Listening and talking with empathy
Writing (reports, investigative writing, people’s stories)
Help in organizing events
Organize actions - such as a clean-up action
Speak in public and on social media
Cooking, Interior decoration, Gardening, Stitching, Crafts
Involving music, art, theatre
Involving sports
Desk research
Technology analysis, Quantitative analysis
Designing and playing games
Involving photography
Making videos
Any other?
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