'Yes, but-'

i’m a university student working on an art project for an art exhibition. the project is simple. i ask people for what they love about themselves, and for the one ‘BUT’ (as in “i donate blood regularly and make fantastic pasta, but i’ve cheated on my boyfriend” or “i dance, love poetry, and drive a vespa, but cut myself” or “i knit socks, drink so much tea, adopted a puppy, but i can never hold a job for long” )

there are so many reasons we don’t like ourselves, and don’t like who we are. no matter how many parts of us is good, that bad parts are the ones that seem to matter more and that’s not right. that bad parts of ourselves are just that: bad bits, we’re not completely broken individuals, or people you don’t want to be associated with. all of us are a little bit broken, and i want to remind people that there’s so much more good in us than we realise, and that it’s possible to overcome the idea that the bad parts of ourselves make us bad human beings.

because it doesn’t.

so, in a completely anonymous fashion (and i’m saying this because i don’t want to know who you are either. i would like this to be a collection of individuals’ minds without being able to put a name to each person, to reflect the idea that any person looking at the collection may find themselves reflected in one of the images)

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