Dorset (&BCP) Artists' Emergency Fund Application Form
This is a short term emergency fund to enable Dorset creatives to survive financially. The fund will assist individuals in meeting their most urgent financial needs during the current time of crisis. Dorset includes Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

We are looking at creatives in the broadest of terms, this includes artists, musicians, comedians, visual artists, performers, directors, actors, writers, film makers, producers, curators etc.

The fund is open for applications on Friday 15th May at 12pm onwards.
The deadline for all applications is Friday 19th June at 12pm.

Throughout this process there will be 3 Rounds where applications will go to a panel.
Round 1 deadline: Friday 22nd May, 12pm
Round 2 deadline: Friday 5th June, 12pm
Round 3 deadline: Friday 19th June, 12pm

b-side are holding the funds and will make payments via BACs transfer. Successful applicants will receive funds within a week of the Round deadline. So successful applicants of Round 1 would receive financial support before Friday 29th May.

More information and a word version of the application form can be found here:

If you have any additional questions, please do get in touch. / 07874 339841
Personal Details
When processing applications the panel will not be able to see any personal data.
Please fill in this anonymous Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form:
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Application Form
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Do you live or work in Dorset? *
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Please tell us briefly about your work *
Please state artform(s) and what activity you usually deliver. (E.g musician, comedian, visual artist, director, actor, writer, film maker etc.) Please note: We are not prioritising any artform in particular. We are collecting this information to help us track who we are reaching / not reaching. This will enable us to matchmake particular artists to particular organisations that may be able to help moving forward.
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How much are you applying for? *
You can apply for between £100 - £500
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If we're unable to cover the full amount requested, would you be willing / able to accept a lower amount? *
It may be, that at the time of reviewing the Rounds, we don't have enough funds to support everyone who needs it urgently. If that's the case, we may get in touch with you and offer you a lower sum in order to support everyone in urgent need. Please let us know whether you'd be willing / able to accept a lower amount and why.
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What Round are you applying for? *
When do you need the funds by? Those whose urgent financial needs are right now, should select Round 1. If you can wait a couple of weeks, please select Round 2. If you can wait a few weeks, please select Round 3. If you can wait longer than this, you may not need to apply for this fund. We are accepting all applications on a rolling basis to help gauge the need and gaps in applicants.
Please outline how you intend to use these funds within the next 4 - 8 weeks *
How will this fund support your current financial situation? Please outline what essential living costs this fund will cover. Will it cover all the support you need? Please give as much detail as possible.
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How are you 'falling through the gaps'? *
Please outline how you may have not been eligible for other funds and are unable to access this financial support you need through other means. Please state if you are waiting to hear from other funds and if you have already received any support (GOV, ACE, UC...)
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Please outline any losses or costs incurred due to COVID-19 *
How much income have you lost? Please give a rough outline of figures. This information will help inform Dorset organisations in the opportunities they create moving forward.
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Bank Details
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E.g. HSBC, NatWest etc.
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How are we storing your information?

We will use the data provided to create an anonymous summary of the financial support needed for creative freelancers in Dorset. We will share this information with the partner organisations working with us on this fund. The information provided will be used to influence our future opportunities and support offered.

We will use the information provided (anonymously) to lobby for change and support in the sector. We will use the data to prove that ‘Artists Matter’ and make the case for Culture. Any information we use will be anecdotal and will not make any specific applicant identifiable.

b-side’s privacy policy can be found here:
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Dorset (&BCP) Artists' Emergency Fund Partners
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