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I Proclaim Jesus As My LORD And Savior And Believe The Bible Is 100% The Word Of God.
I Regularly Fellowship In Church With Other Believers Of The Gospel.
I Will Keep An Unquestioned Commitment To Maintain Confidentiality & Safety With Edge Venture Participants And Staff.
I Have Demonstrated Principles Of Biblical Authenticity And Personal Integrity In My Own Life, Including My Own Personal Growth Work Within The Last 6 Months.
I Will Follow Direction Of Edge Weekend Leadership And Be Open To Coaching And Feedback In Groups And 1-on-1 Settings.
If Chosen To Staff, I Will Bring To Edge Weekend Leaders Any Personal Issues That May Distract My Involvement Leading Up To And During The Weekend.
I Am Actively Promoting Edge Venture With Friends, Family, Or Church Members.
I Will Participate In 2 Pre-Weekend Conference Calls (Usually Sunday Evenings)
I Will Be On Site Thursday Of The Weekend By 5:00PM To Set Up.
I Will Be Able To Remain On Site Sunday As Long As Needed To Clean Up.
If Not Chosen To Staff (AND I LIVE IN DETROIT METRO AREA) I Agree To Be Available To Help The Clean Up Crew Sunday Afternoon Of The Weekend.
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