Marlboro Hindi School (MHS) Classes from September 11, 2021 to June 18, 2022.
Please visit for further details.

Registration Information:
• Registration Cost $225.00 per student
Example: the parents of one, two, three children will pay $225, $450 and $675 respectively.
• Also, $25.00 security fee is waived.
• Separate registration form should be filled for each child.
• The students are expected to be 5 years old on September 11, 2021.
Exceptions can be made, if child is able to sit in the class with the teacher's approval.

Pleaser encourage family & friends for early registration. 

After completing the online registration, please pay the registration cost via:
(1) Zelle: (Preferred), or
(2) Mail your check, payable to 'ESHA' at Bishan Agrawal, 85 Rockwell Circle, Marlboro, NJ 07746     
* Please DO NOT write a check payable to me and NO cash. Also, NO paper copy of the registration form.     
* Please write your children's names in the memo and on the front of the envelope.  

First day of school and Placements on Saturday September 11, 2021:
* New students will be placed according to Hindi proficiency level after a brief evaluation. 
* Current MHS students will be placed to the next level classes after a brief teacher's evaluation.
* 2:00 to 4:00: Regular Classes. All Remote till December 18, 2021.

Note: All classes will be remote till Decemer 18. If Covid situation improves and children vaccination becomes availble then we will support both in-person and remote from January 08, 2022. We plan to give the same instructions in the class setting in both modes.

Textbooks, school bags and essential Supplies will be distributed on Saturday September 18, 2021.
* People above 25 miles from us will get the package (Textbooks, school bags, essential Supplies) by mail.

Thank you for your continued support.
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I/we, the undersigned, state that I/we are the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of the student named above, and agree that: 1. If my child is found to be disruptive in the Marlboro Hindi School program by the teacher(s), I accept his/her dismissal from the Marlboro Hindi School. I accept the joint decision taken by the classroom teacher and the management to be final and agree to abide by that decision. 2. I accept liability for any material damage caused by my child in any MHS/ESHA sponsored program. 3. I accept that registration cost will not be refunded if my child drops out of the program or is dismissed for any reason. 4. I agree not to hold MHS/ESHA or its representatives (Administration, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, staff members, volunteers) responsible for any liability, any bodily injury or illness, stolen or damaged personal property, costs, expense actions and cause of action arising from any act or occurrence while attending the Marlboro Hindi School , or as a result of any program or activity conducted by ESHA. 5. I understand that while associated with or participating in the MHS/ESHA, my child may be photographed, audio or video taped, and/or filmed, which may be displayed via any electronic media including YouTube and TV Channel videos produced for MHS/ESHA promotion, publicity and program evaluation purposes, to which I consent. I hereby waive all rights to privacy in photographs and videos, and to compensation related to the use of photographs and/or videos. 6. MHS/ESHA and Township School District are not responsible for any injury or loss of personal property during the Marlboro Hindi School. MHS/ESHA has insurance only for the buildings used at the Public schools or colleges. I agree to indemnify ESHA and its representatives for any costs or liabilities which they may incur as a result of my child's participation in its program. 7. MHS/ESHA provides vegetarian food during the cultural events; however, MHS/ESHA will not be held responsible if my child has an allergic reaction to any foods. MHS/ESHA allows students with food allergies to bring food from home during the events, and provides a separate allergen free table according to the Marlboro School District policy. If my child(ren) have any food allergies, I will send food from home and instruct them to sit on the allergen free table in the cafeteria, 8. MHS/ESHA will not be held responsible, if your child and/or your family member infected due to COVID-19. Please check here to confirm that you have read above and agreed. I/we fully understand and assume full responsibility for our and our child's actions as stated above and are willfully entering into this agreement with MHS/ESHA.
Special Requirements
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Registration Cost *
Note: (1) Use early bird discount and pay $225.00 before August 27, 2021. (2) 0.00 is for MHS Teachers only.
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Select one of the following. All classes will be remote till Decemer 18. If Covid situation improves and children vaccination becomes availble then we will support both in-person and remote from January 08, 2022.
Additional Information
Please do not submit duplicate forms. Submit a separate registration form for each child.

MHS is operated by the Educators' Society for Heritage of India (ESHA), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Registration Acknowledgement: Once you submit the form online, you will see the confirmation message.
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