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Welcome! Membership of our U3A is open to those who are retired or semi-retired. There is no lower age limit for membership.
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About us
Melbourn and District U3A was formed in 1994 and today has around 500 members from South Cambridgeshire and North Hertfordshire. There are around 30 subject or activity groups covering art, music, languages or local history together with excursions and leisure activities such as yoga and walking.

The face-to-face meeting situation is changeable thus some of our activities take place via Zoom. Do see our newsletter (at and do contact us (details below) about any group of interest to you.

These groups are informal, mutual and self-help in nature rather than the lecturer and student format. In some groups, the leader brings professional experience and in others group members share the role to build skill or understanding. A leader of one group is often a member of other groups so indeed we are all learning. And there are no exams! Newcomers are welcomed regardless of experience or knowledge. Meetings are held in the morning or afternoon.

We hold a monthly general meeting, with a guest speaker, via Zoom or Youtube, on the third Wednesday of the month. There is no meeting in December.

By the way, ‘Third age’ arises from considering childhood as the first age; adulthood as the second. The Third Age, or retirement, allows time to indulge in interests or expand horizons.  

Melbourn & District U3A (formerly “university of the third age”) is affiliated to a national organisation called the Third Age Trust. The Trust is a registered charity which provides benefits to all U3As by being a conduit for an interchange of ideas and other ways. Our subscription includes an amount due to the Trust.

Everyone who is no longer in full time employment is welcome to join. A list of groups is nearby. You may decide to join one or more of them or just attend their monthly meeting. To join our U3A, complete the application form below or read on for other ways to join and pay.
Melbourn & District U3A - local committee contacts
Melbourn & District U3A website: 

Deputy Chairman Anthony GARRICK    
Catering Organiser Rama VINDLACHERUVU
Speaker secretary        
Groups coordinator Anthony GARRICK    
Membership Secretary Nicole SEARLE
Newsletter Editor         Roger FROST    
Secretary       David Allars        
Treasurer Val NEATHER
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The annual membership fee is still £13 per person
Payment is due by 1st August for the following year. If you join after 1st February the fee is £8.25. In either case the membership fee includes a £3.50 capitation fee levied by our National Organisation, the Third Age Trust, which provides a range of services and benefits, including liability insurance cover. Our fee is the same whether or not you belong to another U3A.  

Ways to pay

o Pay the required amount by online banking
o Post a cheque
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Need help? Care to join a group?
If you need help or seek reassurance about this membership form you may contact Nicole  01763 852738 or
Email at: 
See our web site to find the contacts for the group/s you wish to join
Your details are held on a computer database which is used solely in the administration of the U3A, and as such is not registered under the Data Protection Act. Your details are not otherwise shared. As per GDPR rules you may have a copy of your data on the database by applying to the Membership Secretary. Our policy can be read at our website.
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