Non-Public/Community School Transportation Request 2018-2019 - Perkins Local Schools
The Perkins Local School District provides transportation for eligible resident students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade attending eligible non-public/community schools.

Riding the school bus is an important part of the school day for students. By working together, we can achieve the goals of safe and efficient transportation.

To assist us in preparing and maintaining safe, accurate and efficient bus routes, please note the following points for transportation of resident students:

1. Transportation requests will take 5 working days to process and take effect.
2. Bus stops will be assigned by the transportation office based on pupil residence or requested child care provider address.
3. Requests for child care provider transportation will be approved only when sufficient space is available on the assigned route.
4. Bus stops and schedules must be consistent Monday through Friday for the duration of the school year.
5. Students may NOT ride to or from school with a friend. (sleepover, parties, play date, etc.)
6. Transportation requests are effective for the current school year only and must be completed on a yearly basis.
7. If you move during the school year, transportation changes cannot be made until all required paperwork has been completed and verified with the non-public school and a new transportation request has been submitted.

Please review the following safety regulations with your child:

1. The bus driver is in charge at all times. Please comply with driver requests.
2. Students must be at designated bus stops at least five (5) minutes before scheduled arrival of the bus.
3. Students will be seated as directed by the driver and will be assigned a seat.
4. Students need to be seated quickly upon entering the bus.
5. Do not get out of your seat while the bus is moving. You may only switch seats with permission of the driver.
6. Only bring items aboard the bus that you can hold in your lap.
7. Keep your hands, arms and head inside the bus at all times.
8. Items not allowed in school are not allowed on the bus.
9. Keep the bus aisles and emergency exits clear at all times.
10. No foul or inappropriate language is allowed.
11. Yelling, loud voices or horseplay is not permitted on the bus.
12. Eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted.
13. Help keep the bus clean; put all trash in trash can.
14. Parents and other family/community members are NOT authorized to board any bus.
15. The Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code spell out what cannot be transported on a school bus. If there is a question, please contact the Transportation Department.

Information regarding boarding and departing as well as discipline can be found in the Student Transportation Handbook which is available on the Perkins Local School website - Transportation page or by request.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Randy Conaway
Supervisor - Transportation Services

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