Medication Form (REQUIRED BY ALL)
In addition to the other camper required forms---
1. you MUST complete this form (EVERYONE) and
2. for those campers who take medication—you MUST complete this form AND the online requirement detailed below.

- If your camper takes ANY medication on a regular basis (over the counter or prescription, vitamins…) AND any prescribed medications taken as needed to be administered at camp--you must go online---sign up for an account-or update your account.
- USE A USERNAME AND PASSWORD that you do not mind sharing with our medical team--and complete the form. You will share your username and password on the form below.
- Go to: --you will need to click on Register Now-It's Free--with your child's name. You will then follow instructions to input each medication and dosage and info per medication. Then remember User Name/Password to include on form below and email to us. If you have an account from last year, you can update it—still provide info below and update the online info.

If your camper has ANY medication changes prior to camp--You MUST go online and update your record.
Campers must bring enough medication for (7) days. Prescription medicine AND over the counter medication must all be in the original labeled pill bottle(s). This includes—if needed your child’s epi pen and inhaler. Place all the bottles into a zip-lock bag with the child’s name on it. You will be asked to go over the medication procedure with the nurse when you arrive for accuracy. DO NOT PLACE IN LUGGAGE! You will need to access it during check-in!

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