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On behalf of the organizers of INTERACT 2017, IFIP TC13, HCI Professionals Association of India and IDC, IIT Bombay, we thank you for making INTERACT 2017 a huge success.

Through this form, we seek your feedback about the event. It will take less than 10 minutes of your time, but it will go a long way to help us improve future conferences, and to make them more relevant to your needs.

We will keep all responses confidential and we will use the data only to improve the conference. We will not reveal your identity while presenting the analysis. All questions except the second one are optional, but all of them are important to us. Please answer as many as you can.

Thank you.

Please mention THREE things that you liked about INTERACT 2017
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Please mention THREE things that you would like to improve in INTERACT 2019
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Was INTERACT 2017 worth the amount of time, money and effort that you put in? *
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Conference Content
How would you rate the technical program (organisation of sessions into tracks) of INTERACT 2017
Keynotes & Talks
This year, we had six speakers - two keynotes and four invited talks. You can recall them here:
I did not attend
Albrecht Schmidt (Opening Keynote, Sep 27)
Rama Bijapurkar (Invited Talk, Sep 27)
Gerrit C. van der Veer (Invited Talk, Sep 28)
Devdutt Pattanaik (Invited Talk, Sep 28)
Tom Gross (Invited Talk, Sep 29)
Matt Jones (Closing Keynote, Sep 29)
Sessions & Tracks
This year, we had 13 tracks for the conference. You can review the contents here:
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Full and Short papers
Field Trips
Interactive Posters
Doctoral Consortium
Case Studies
Industry Presentations
Student Design Consortium
Student Research Consortium
How would you assess the quality of the web site and the printed programme?
Conference Kit
Tell us your impression about the conference kit
Food is an important part of the conference experience. Tell us what you thought about the food options that we available during the.
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Not impressive
This was great
Tea, Coffee, and Snacks
Conference Dinner
Social Events
At INTERACT 2017 Mumbai, we tried to add a local flavor by conducting several social events. What do you think about them?
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Not impressive
This was great
Mumbai Darshan
Freshies' Night
Dandia Classes
Dandia Night
Conference Dinner
The Venue
Conferences are often organised in five-star hotels and commercial convention centers. But we preferred to organise INTERACT 2017 on an academic campus for various reasons, including low cost and interactions between local academia and students. But this may sometimes put constraints on certain participants. How would you prefer the future conference venue to be?
About You (Optional)
What describes you the best?
How many HCI conferences have you attended so far?
How many conferences have you attended in India (including INTERACT, IndiaHCI and other conferences/events)?
How many conferences have you attended outside India?
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