PBC Mod Support Voting
The ORDER in which mod support patches are released will be decided by most requested.

++ This voting platform is to determine which mod is prioritized the highest for the next support patch update.
++ You should NOT just check all mods you want to see patches for UNLESS you don't care about their order.
++ If it isn't listed then write it in and I will add it to the list after a sufficient number of write-ins. You might consider this option a 'nomination' vs. an actual vote.
++ You may vote for more than one mod and you can change your votes any number of times (and you are encouraged to do so as updates are released and items are removed from and added to the list).

Just remember; the more mods you vote for, the more you dilute the impact of the rest of your own votes.

Round 1 Winner: USI - Life Support. Development complete.
Round 2 Winner: Planetary Base Systems. Development complete.
Round 3 Winner: USI - MKS. Development in progress.
Round 4 Winner: TBD. Voting in progress.

Which mod support patch(es) do you want given the highest priority for the next update? *
Request (Nomination/Write-in)
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