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    Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our program. The Value Chain Cluster Initiative offers business development services to help West Virginia food and farm business grow. The goal of the program is to assist these businesses in earning more revenue, making more market connections, and creating more jobs in the local food sector. A variety of services may be available to assist you and your business or organization, from one-on-one technical assistance to group trainings.

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    Qualification Requirements

    1. You or your business or group must be a new or existing food or farm enterprise or an entity which directly serves food or farm enterprises. 2. You or your business or group must be located in or directly serve food and farm enterprises in one of the following West Virginia counties: • Doddridge, Tyler, Ritchie, & Gilmer • Greenbrier Valley Area (Fayette, Greenbrier, Monroe, & Pocahontas) • Mid-Ohio Valley Area (Calhoun, Clay, Roan, & Wirt) • Tygart Valley Area (Barbour, Preston, Randolph, Tucker, & Upshur) 3. You or your business or group must be up to date on required obligations such as state and federal taxes, worker’s compensation obligations and other applicable legal requirements. 4. You or your business or group will actively engage in working with any one-on-one assistance given or in attending training and events that may be offered based on your request. 5. You, your business or group will participate in an annual evaluation and other feedback on services provided to you based on your participation in the program over the next three years. 6. If you are not a legally established business or group, you must show evidence of filing paperwork to create a legal entity within one year after starting participation in this program.
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