ADULTEUM (ADULT) Airdrop - Phase 1

Phase 1 - 12 December 2018 - 31 January 2019 (Participations until 16th January 2019)

Point 1 is mandatory. 1 Person 1 ETH Wallet 1 Participation please.
The rest points are optional but you must do at least two of the below tasks between 2 and 6 (you can do all, or whichever you can from below between 2 and 6, but at least 2 of them must be done)
Per your joining and doing your first two things below, you will be awarded at least 50 ADULTEUM.
The rest things and weekly doing those things and extra tasks (like posting on your blog about ADULTEUM, making videos etc -details are below) would be adding your ADULTEUM Airdrop more and more ADULTEUMs..
The distribution (sendings of ADULTEUMs) of this First Phase will start right after the period´s ending and be done until 14th February 2019

1) Fill out this form, please. (MUST: Name, Email, ETH Address and at least two of the Social Medium from below)
2) Join our Telegram Group: and say hi there (hi, hello, and or some salutation / greetings just to be there would be enough) Stay there at least until the Phase 1´s Ending (31 January) - better is your staying there forever but just in case, at least minimum, you must be there staying until 31 January 2019 as a participant.
3) Follow us on Twitter, retweet whatever you want to from our Tweets, whenever you can (1-2 weekly would be enough, we will follow you back):
4) Follow us on Instagram (if you don´t have an instagram account that´s OK, no worries, this one is NOT a must but our Instagram Follower Participants will get 10+ More ADULTEUMs):
5) Subscribe to ADULTEUM YouTube Channel:
6) Visit our BitcoinTalk Thread: Ask a question there or just comment, but something logical and if you really wonder about anything, ask there.. You will get a response from us. Please do not comment just for commenting and only 1 comment / reply / question would be enough for weekly..

If you make videos, reviews, can write Medium (or any other kind of blog etc) Articles, post on Reddit, or do any other kind of "contributions", all will be rewarded during this progress but you must let us know about what you would do: and learn how much we may "appreciate" it..

If you tweet or post pics on Instagram, etc, anything related with adulteum, use always #adulteum hashtag please and if needed you can also tag us as @adulteum always so that we can see it give likes and may retweet..

Email address *
Name *
Your Telegram @username
Your BitcoinTalk Username
Your Twitter @username (We will follow you back)
Your Instagram @username (We will follow you back)
ETH Wallet Address: *
What could you do more? (OPTIONAL but will definitely HELP our case and also we will see you when you do it and appreciate on giving aways for sure)
Follow Leon Lambert on Twitter:

Retweet him if you would like to..

Also on Instagram:

On ManyVids (18+):
Visit and follow him there.

Some Fun stuff to do related with ADULTEUM:

Use on Party Girl Fan (18+)

Use on other sites:

Go here:
Check images, gifs, upvote them..

Vote on 1 Million Girl:

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