Building Information Council (BIMC) Subcommittee Call for Participation                                                                              
December 2022
The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Building Information Management Council (BIMC) Board of Direction (BOD) has formed the Digital Twin Integration Subcommittee (DTI-S) to (a) define the role of and develop the relationship between Digital Twins and the NIBS National BIM Program (NBP) and National BIM Standard - United States® (NBIMS-US) and to (b) coordinate with authoritative organizations and consortia in BIM and Digital Twin integration efforts.  The BIMC is seeking interested professionals to be part of the DTI-S effort as well as referrals for those believed to be a good fit. To that end we encourage you to not only consider volunteering but to also share this call for volunteers with those you feel would benefit from the experience and add value to the subcommittee.

Individuals expressing interest in volunteering will be required to be members of the NIBS BIMC upon confirmation as a subcommittee member. 

A short summary of the DTI-S is listed below. The chair and confirmed members of the subcommittee will contribute to finalizing the subcommittee General Guidelines per their subcommittee's expressed purpose.

Your consideration is appreciated!
Subcommittee Chair: TBD
BIMC Liaison: TBD

To respond to industry needs and in support of continued innovation throughout the industry, the scope of the NIBS BIM Council Digital Twin Integration Subcommittee (DTI-S) will be to:  
  • Develop a white paper and position statement describing/defining the relationship between BIM and Digital Twin technologies and standards.
  • Form and maintain partnerships with authoritative organizations and consortia who are defining Digital Twin standards and resources for public and private industry to mutually inform development. Coordinate with government agencies and industry on requirements, best practices and potential use cases for the integration of BIM and Digital Twin.
  • Propose projects and activities to develop resources (e.g., tools, processes, guidelines, standards) to support integration of BIM and Digital Twin in the built environment.
The DTI-S will develop and maintain an annual operational plan which outlines activities and specific projects to be pursued to include periodic milestones with deliverables along with any resources required to achieve the goals. This shall be coordinated with and approved by the BIM Council BOD.  .

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