Prioritize regional projects
Pacific Island Ports - please prioritize the regional projects
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Rank in order the top 5 projects that you believe will give the greatest benefit to the region (from 1 to 5)
Support for administration of the Pacific Ports Vision 2030-2050 Recognition Framework
Experience exchange - webinar series
Development of standard documentation and procedures
Training (various)
Staff exchange Asia-Pacific
PIC Port Energy Efficiency Upgrade Project
Digitalization assistance for port management and reporting (including single window)
Pilot project of a new transport model for micro ports
Ports to charge a fee just for maintenance
All ports could contribute to a facility, the facility supports all 60 countries
Analyze all documentation and categorize item by item to help enable a new perspective - change way of thinking?
Harmonize vision based on document analysis
Provide a cost-benefit analysis service for port
A regional slipway for all ports for say 3000 gross ton vessels
Build a data and document repository including fact checking
Do you have suggestions for any other regional projects for resilient and sustainable (green and clean) ports?
Who do you represent?
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