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Thank you for volunteering for Reading Beer & Cider Festival!

Volunteers can drink for free while theyre working* and get vouchers towards the cost of food. Volunteer for two sessions or more and you’ll get free entry too!

*Don't worry, for any roles where you can’t drink ‘on duty’, you’ll get drink tokens to use later.

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The public open days are from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th May...
But there’s loads more to do behind the scenes on the Monday to Wednesday both before and after the public open days. These ‘set up’ and ‘take down’ sessions are fantastic to volunteer because of the sense of team spirit, volunteer-only BBQs before and after the event, free, hot lunches and of course, free beer!

If you can only volunteer for part of a session don’t worry, just let us know in the notes section below.

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