2018 ASTA Los Angeles — Harp Competition April 15 — Pacific Palisades
Our Purpose: to stimulate and encourage young people at all levels of development to study harp by providing opportunities for performance, evaluation, and recognition.
Repertoire and Age Categories
Maximum ages as of June 1, 2018. Maximum playing time 10 minutes per entrant—from two contrasting works.

Junior: age 9-11
Repertoire: two contrasting works of contestant's choice

Intermediate: Maximum age 13
Repertoire: any Naderman Sonata from "Sept Sonatas Progressives" or Handel "Tema con Variazioni" and contrasting work

Advanced: Maximum age 16
Repertoire: Tournier "Feerie" or Faure "Impromptu" and contrasting contemporary work

March 15 Deadline to send $40 entry fee
Application is completed here online and your $40 entry fee payable to “ASTA-LA Section” and either mailed or paid via email invoice at least by one month prior to the date you select to
ASTA Competition c/o K.Pech, PO Box 1242, Artesia, CA 90703 (Please write applicant's name on check)


request to have an invoice for $40 sent to you so that you may pay online with a credit card.

Junior $100
Intermediate $150
Advanced $250

First Place winners are eligible to compete in the California State Solo Competition, held biannually in even number years.

All entrants must be students of ASTA member teachers.
Code of Conduct
1. All participants agree to abide by the Harp Competition rules as stated in the GUIDELINES.

2. All participants agree to act with integrity, professionalism and respect at all times. (See below for definitions and expectations.)

3. All participants agree to place both the integrity of the competition and the interests of all participating students above their own personal interests. This is first and foremost to be an educative experience for the students of our members.

4. For suggestions or concerns, participants agree to follow the procedures set by the Board:
a. Communication shall be succinct and clearly stated.
b. Send via email to the Competition Chair as well as to the President of the Section.

5. If, after review by the ASTA-LA Board, a person is determined to have violated any part of this Code of Conduct, ASTA-Los Angeles reserves the right to refuse future participation in the ASTA-Los Angeles Harp Competition to that person.

ASTA-Los Angeles defines integrity as honesty and fairness. No competitor, teacher, parent, or chair will attempt to influence the opinions of the judges, [and no one other than judges shall participate in the deliberations of the judges.]

ASTA-Los Angeles defines professionalism as restraint and self-control in personal behavior, as well as commitment to the ASTA organization. In the Solo Recital/Competition environment, every effort should be made to keep anxiety to a minimum. A professional maintains a calm demeanor, regardless of circumstances. A professional believes in the mission of the ASTA organization and works toward that same goal: the advancement and promotion of string playing and teaching.

ASTA-Los Angeles defines respect as acting and speaking in ways that encourage and support performers to do their best, and acknowledging the efforts and commitment of organizers, other teachers, and the parents and family of the competitors. We remind all participants that this competition is run by volunteers.

Among other actions, raised voices, name-calling and rants are unprofessional and disrespectful, and therefore unacceptable. These types of actions may be cause for immediate removal from the Solo Recital/Competition site, as determined by the ASTA coordinators on site.

Do you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct as stated above? Your consent is on behalf of the teacher and parents of the performer *
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All entrants must be students of ASTA member teachers.
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Entry fee of $40 must be paid one month in advance *
To Complete Your Application
1. Send a check for $40.00 payable to "ASTA-LA Section" postmarked by March 15 to
ASTA Competition c/o Kay Pech
PO Box 1242
Artesia, CA 90702
Write on the check "application fee for _____ _____" (student's name) to help us connect your payment to the correct student.
request an invoice emailed to you. Must be paid by March 15.

2. Make a note of the email contact for Harp Competition Chair, Marcia Dickstein: fatrockink@aol.com. If you do not hear from the chair within a week after you send your check, send an email message to the chair.

3. Click on the SUBMIT button.

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