Practicum Planning Form
The purpose of the Practicum Planning Form is for you to plan when upcoming events/activities will be taking place and how they will affect when you can take Methods of Observing Human Behavior (SESP 372) and the Practicum (SESP 386, 387, or 388; 384 - DC; 389 - SF). Complete this form after attending a Sophomore Meeting and before you meet your advisor for your planning appointment. If you are unsure about any of the answers you can wait until you meet with your advisor to submit the form, but please make sure to read through all of the questions before your meeting.
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To effectively plan for your practicum, there are several factors to consider. Please answer the questions below and then discuss those responses with your advisor in your planning appointment.
Do you intend to study abroad? If so, when and where?
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Are you a student athlete? If so, indicate your sport and the quarter(s) you are in season.
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Do you rely on a job (federal work study, off-campus, etc.) during the school year to pay your bills?
Have you considered how the practicum will impact your ability to work?
Other – Indicate other plans (e.g. senior honors thesis, leadership positions, research, employment, family commitments) that you would like SESP to take into consideration when assigning your practicum quarter.
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Taking into account the activities listed above, when do you plan to complete Methods of Observing Human Behavior (SESP 372)?
Note: Methods must be completed prior to taking the practicum.
Taking into account the activities listed above, when do you plan to complete your Practicum (SESP 386, 387, or 388; 384 - DC; 389 - SF)?
Note: Students are unable to take other courses during the practicum, except for the Advanced Research Methods (SESP 391) and some Civic Engagement Certificate courses.
Advisor Signature (to be completed by advisor during advising appointment, if you are completing this without your advisor present they will approve at later date)
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Please list any other information that you feel is important for your advisor to know.
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The practicum assistant will confirm your practicum quarter and the quarter during which you will take Methods of Observing Human Behavior (SESP 372), to prepare for the practicum.
Note: In order to make adjustments to this plan, you will need to complete a petition and have it approved by your advisor and the practicum director. Changes will be approved based on course availability. Petitions to move the practicum to your senior year will not be approved.
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