HybridCloudLabs™ ⟹ Google Cloud Study Jam ⟹ hands-on Machine Learning & AI
This event is specifically for those who are serious about an IN-PERSON HANDS-ON lab on GOOGLE technology from 5:55pm-to-8:55pm ~ and a month to complete the TRAINING and earn the CERTIFICATION/BADGES to show your skill & expertise.

✥ TOPIC: MACHINE LEARNING Baseline Data, ML/AI (e.g., SQL, BigQuery, Cloud ML Engine, Google Genomics)

✥ DATE: Mar-26

✥ TIME: 5:55pm to 8:55pm Central Time ~ REGISTRATION STARTS at 5:40 PM (you are welcome to come earlier)

✥ LOCATION: Venue #1 — HCCUG.org @ Tracy Gee Community Center

✥ CONFIRMATION: Priority will be given on first-to-register basis ~ will be sent on a rolling basis

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Here's what you get ...
⊹ with a month to complete, plus
⊹ the possibility of an extra month of UNLIMITED access to GOOGLE TRAINING
~~~ just the UNLIMITED CREDITS for 2 months is VALUED @ a MINIMUM of $110

ADDITIONALLY, you get the following valued in $$$$s ...
⊹ a guided hands-on training
⊹ networking,
⊹ refreshments,
⊹ the opportunity to earn MULTIPLE course badges directly from GOOGLE
⊹ the opportunity to increase your market value,
⊹ the opportunity of being one of the select first few to do this in Houston,
⊹ <sure, you can fill in the rest>, etc.,

Cheers! ... another MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE «±»

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There are some simple terms
⋙ These events are for our Community. If you are NOT an HCCUG.org member (i.e., you have not registered with HCCUG.org before) — we will do that for you, there is no-charge to be a registered member.

⋙ When here, you are NOT a guest — you are a member of our Community! Dress relaxed — but NOT flip-flop relaxed — there will be others stopping by after work, and you could be interviewing with them someday.

⋙ Should you decide NOT to go for whatever reason, please send us an email immediately.

⋙ By filling out this form, you agree to the terms/announcements/details on this form and the home-page, including the NOTICE at the bottom of the HCCUG.org website.

UPDATE: We just got more Discounted-Passes and can now make this event available online ... so if unable to attend in-person ... tune-in online/remote :-)
IF CONFIRMED, (1) I will honor the terms, and especially the NO WASTAGE point, meaning if I am unable to attend I will at least notify administrator@hccug.org as soon as I can, (2) I will check the website for updates/changes, as we all know life-happens, (3) I thank all responsible for making this opportunity ... *
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