SKY 4.0: Soft Skills for the Industry 4.0

The overall objective of the project is to create a “Industry 4.0 skill set for Aerospace” to equip educational institutions (professional, technical and academic) to modify and adapt their training programs for future company needs. Thus, this project intends to promote a better alignment between training and jobs in aerospace industry.

In charge of this project, there are several companies and schools from several countries: Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Spain and the support of the European Union through the Erasmus + program, that support education and formation.

The SKY 4.0 project aims to develop the tools to establish the necessary soft skills, thus, adapt the aerospace industry workers to the new industrial revolution through their education.

This will be done through the following pillars:

1. Aiming the developing of soft skills to key groups inside the Aerospace sector:
a. Companies and their workers
b. Trainers and VET providers
c. Secondary education students and technical colleges.
d. Human resources teams and team managers

2. Applying the knowledge acquired in the first pillar to develop training resources to be applied inside companies.

3. Taking the data from the first two steps to improve training materials on soft skills for technical courses students, VET and aerospace companies’ workers.

In order to collect data on your company’s and your own knowledge about INDUSTRY 4.0, we are requesting your cooperation in this project by filling in the present SURVEY.

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