Becoming TF Chapter Lead - Phase 1
Techfugees exists to coordinate a tech communities response to the problems that refugees and displaced people are facing, and ultimately to empower the displaced with technology.

Each chapter, through its local team of volunteers, is ESSENTIAL to Techfugees as a global network. You are the eye, ears and hands of Techfugees on the ground and we count on you to:
1. Gather the local tech ecosystem to engage on refugees' and displaced people topic;
2. Round up a pool of #tech4refugees projects eligible for our Global Challenges through hackathons and external sourcing;
3. Create relevant local events & content to feed the local tech community;
4. Take an active role in sharing best practices with other chapters internationally.

Supported from HQ with a wealth of experience, expertise and tools including guidelines, templates, training and network, our chapters join our Techfugees international family.

The application process to open a local chapter or become co-chapter lead has four phases:

- Phase 1 - Getting to know you, your motivation and understanding of Techfugees
If you're interested in opening a local chapters, please fill out this first application form. According to our openings calendar and priorities, it will be followed in the month by first an introductory call with our Global Community Coordinator, Louise and then another member of Techfugees Global team.

- Phase 2 - A deep dive into the problems displaced people in your community face, potential solutions and partnership you can envisage and types of projects you are interested. Once the potential applicants for your team have been selected, you will be added to Techfugees' internal Slack and start a phase of reflection with your team. You will have three months to propose an organigram and roadmap with the vision for the two coming years for your Chapter.

- Phase 3 - Validation of the proposal with Techfugees Global

- Phase 4 - Onboarding: introducing you to all our support tools (internal wikipedia, internal meetings, network etc), introduction to the rest of the Techfugees Community of Chapters and public announcement.

Running a Techfugees chapter requires the following:

1. A team of 3 people to co-lead the chapter gathering the following competences:
A good understanding of the local tech ecosystem,
A good understanding of the challenges faced by displaced people and NGOs ecosystems,
Experience in team management;
Ability to public speaking;
2. Individuals dedicate on average 7 hours per week;
3. A long-term strategy and vision;
4. A real passion for empowering displaced people;
5. Proficiency in the local language.

If you have any questions, please email us at:
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