ALC Project/Researcher Form
This form is designed to gather information about researchers and projects that benefit from ALC activities, which NSF requires us to report each year. Following are the types of information that we need to gather, and how your responses will be reported to NSF. Note that none of the information is released to other sources.

If your research is not funded by NSF, we need to report only general information about your project (e.g., title of the study, types of analyses, source of support, etc.) and yourself (professional level, institution, and demographics). We apologize for asking you to include demographic information, but this is how NSF evaluates our attempts to increase the diversity of our collaborators. All of this information is provided to NSF in anonymous fashion (without names).

If your research is funded by NSF, we need to report the above generalized (anonymous) information, and also the EAR numbers of the NSF awards that support your research. This information is used by NSF to determine which programs have supported ALC activities.

Please complete this form each time that you have any significant interaction with ALC (instruments, personnel, web page, software, etc.). Note that some answers are required, but most are optional.

Thank you for your assistance!

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