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By filling out this form you are stating that you would like to be added to our wait list for enrollment. Please note we enroll on a first come first served basis when enrollment opens for wait list families. When enrollment opens, we will be contacting families based on when they were placed on the actual wait list. There is no guarantee at this point that there will be spaces available for the 2019-2020 classes as all of those classes have already filled. Being on the wait list will give you the soonest opportunity to enroll however!

Currently we have availability in our PM Preschool and our Transition to Kindergarten class. All other classes are full with a wait list. Families touring should be doing so with the intention of possibly being admitted for the 2020/2021 school year.

Tuition is subject to change between now and then. Rates listed are THIS CURRENT school year's rates. Classes are also subject to change depending on our community's needs. Classes we offer this year may not be available next year. Those decision will be made by March. A tour is required before you are actually placed on the wait list.

We do offer before and after school care! 7-9 and 3-5:30 for an additional fee of 5 dollars an hour broken up into 15 minute increments so you only pay for what you use.

Touring and getting on this wait list does NOT guarantee a spot for the 2019/2020 or even 2020/2021 school year. Our spaces are very limited and once they're full we are unable to take more students.
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WAIT LIST ONLY Please choose which TODDLER PROGRAM you would like your child to be enrolled in
The toddler class provides an opportunity for your toddler to be in a safe place created just for them. A relaxed caring atmosphere allows children time and space, both indoors and outdoors, to investigate their world using developmentally appropriate materials, child-choice and play as a context for enhancing development and active learning. Child to teacher ratio not to exceed 4:1. Class size limit: 7
Please choose which PRESCHOOL CLASS you would like your child to be enrolled in
Preschool classes emphasize the development of self-help and social skills. These skills form the basis for independence and confidence. Other executive function skill development that occurs at this time includes paying attention for increasing amounts of time and organizing time and materials. Preschool activities are developed using the emergent curriculum model, where children’s needs and interests are incorporated into lesson planning. Literacy, math, science and arts activities are presented as are gross and fine motor activities. We spend a lot of time outdoors, using our large nature oriented campus to enhance children’s joy and understanding of the natural world. Children will be most successful in preschool classes if they are willing to try out a new environment with new friends and unfamiliar adults with the support of their families. Children must be starting potty training, even if they haven't mastered it. Child to teacher ratio not to exceed 6:1. Class size limit: 12
WAIT LIST ONLY Please choose which PRE-KINDERGARTEN class you would like your child to be enrolled in
Pre-Kindergarten classes do what the preschool classes do, but add some more academic activities particularly for literacy and math. Children who have developed a greater ability to focus on the content of activities will really thrive in a Pre-K setting. A Pre-kindergartner should be able to express themselves appropriately when angry, sad or upset. Children who are still working on self-help skills or who are not yet comfortable learning in a larger group setting might get more out of the Preschool classes. Children in Pre-K must be full potty trained. Child to teacher ratio not to exceed 7:1. Class size limit: 14
Transition to Kindergarten Class
The Transition to Kindergarten class is for students who are really ready for a kindergarten program, but who might not yet meet public school age requirements or who would do better in a smaller class where they will receive individual attention. The curriculum of the transition to kindergarten program will be aligned with public school kindergarten programs and assessments that are aligned with Common Core State standards will be used. Enrollment in BLS Transition to kindergarten program does not mean a child will automatically be placed in a certain class when they move on to another school. Age or other requirements will need to be met when your child moves on to public or private school after Burlington Little School. Children in the TK class must be fully potty trained. Child to teacher ratio not to exceed 10:1. Class size limit: 10.
Tuition Information *
Burlington Little School charges an annual tuition. Parents can choose to either pay the tuition up front in one lump sum, or over ten months in monthly installments (this includes the "short" months, December and June). In addition, we also have a material fee that makes up the teacher's budgets, which is roughly 2% of the annual tuition. This fee is charged only once at the beginning of the year and will be used throughout the year to supply the class needs.
Vaccination Information *
Burlington Little School is a state licensed facility which means we adhere to the strict regulations set forth by the state. That means we are bound to require certain vaccinations, such as MMR. Without a religious exemption, ALL STUDENTS must have the MMR vaccines. Other vaccines can be declined, but parents must provide a doctor signed exemption form. Enrollment packets will come with a CIS (Certificate of Immunization Status), but parents can actually get prints out of this from from their doctor. We CAN NOT simply accept print outs from the doctor's office. Licensing requires the CIS form and only the CIS form or an exemption form will be accepted. We can not admit students unless we have their immunization records in hand on the first day they begin school or our summer programming.
Obligation Verification *
By clicking "yes" below, you are agreeing to contribute time, effort, and/or additional donations to both our school and our annual auction. Parent hours are proportional to the amount of days your child attends BLS, but does not double in the event that two children from the same family are enrolled. You also agree and understand that a tour is required in order to be eligible for any open class spots at BLS. Without a tour, your family will not be contacted in the event that a spot becomes available.
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By clicking "yes" below, you are verifying that you are aware that this application is not completed and your child will not be considered on the official wait list until a tour is done.
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