Kinky Salon Art Grant Application
Thank you for your interest in bringing art to Kinky Salon! We are excited to hear what you have in mind. Here are a few things to know about this process.

1. Art grants will get you up to $50 for materials and two tickets to Kinky Salon. Both attendees must be members of Kinky Salon and have a PAL. (You can be each other's PAL's) All Kinky Salon charter rules still apply.

2. Art grants will be judged by adherence to the theme, interactivity, consent model (more on that below), potential for freakiness, and track record of the applicant.

3. We cannot accept all applications. You can still come and bring your project! In fact, we encourage you to do so. This will increase the likelihood that you will get a grant next time.

4. If you receive an art grant and do not show up, it will count against you, like, a lot. Don't flake.
Applicant Name *
E-mail *
Phone Number *
Name of Project *
Describe Your Project *
How will you obtain consent from your participants? (Note: All interactive projects are required to have a method of obtaining VERBAL consent from participants. You can be creative, but it does need to be clear.) *
What is the freakiness potential of this project? How will this project foster connection and interactivity amongst participants? *
Do you have any safety concerns? (This is NOT a disqualifying question. Please be honest. We might be able to help you.) *
Your art grant will be delivered AFTER Kinky Salon once your project has been executed, unless you e-mail and ask for an advance payment, which we cannot guarantee. (Being responsible and having done projects for us in the past will be a consideration in our decision-making.) Make sense? *
Inclusion and diversity matter to us. If you feel comfortable, please indicate whether you identify with any of the following...
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