Small Group Survey Summer 2020
We will be planting the seeds for a small group ministry at St Luke Presbyterian Church. In non-pandemic times, a small group of 8-12 people would meet on a regular basis(weekly or monthly) to encourage each other in faith. The format depends on the group and, in reality, we have several groups which fit this description, but because of the pandemic challenges, they have not been able to meet. To start this from the ground up, a pilot group of leaders will be meeting in June to set some safety parameters and define what a small group will and can look like. Those members will then become the leaders of several more small groups and the groups will continue to extend in a “cell group” model where a group meets for a period of 4, 6 or 9 weeks or so and then splits into two more groups in order to invite more people into the small group ministry. If this idea is interesting to you, please take our small group survey and we will use your preferences to help place you in a group to start in July or August.
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