National Health Insurance
SECTION27 and the Treatment Action Campaign will be making a submission on the National Health Insurance Bill. The deadline for public comment is 29 November 2019. In the lead up to this deadline we are asking the public to give us input on issues we have identified that need to be reviewed. There are three major aspects of the NHI Bill that we think need to change. Let us know what you think and we will incorporate your views into our submission on NHI.

1. Governance – The Minister of Health appoints the NHI Fund Board members (after appointing the ad hoc panel that interviews and recommends them), the Board Chairperson, and the CEO of the NHI Fund. In simple terms, decision-making is far too concentrated.

2. Transparency - To increase public trust in the NHI and to reduce the risk of corruption under NHI, it is imperative that all NHI-related processes and decisions are as transparent as possible.

3. Try before you buy – The NHI Bill introduces a range of new structures and administrations that are untested. We are bringing the establishment of these new structures into law, with no way to turn back if they fail, and without any transition provisions that could stagger implementation and allow for learnings.
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