Parent Mentor Application
Please fill out this form in order to apply to become a Parent Mentor as part of our Black Parent Mentorship Program. We will do our best to get back to you within 3 business days.

Applicants should:
* Identify as Black and have children currently in the education system/have graduated from the education system.
* Be willing to commit at least 3 hours a week to conversing with, supporting, and providing guidance to parent mentees.
* Be knowledgeable about how anti-Black racism and anti-oppression operates in the education system
* Be aware of related systems and be able to help parent mentees build capacity, knowledge, and navigation skills.

This form is considered confidential. No information in this form will be shared with anyone outside of the Parents of Black Children team without your consent.

A copy of this form can be sent to the email you provided upon submission if you request it.

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