Challah for Hunger Wait List Order Form, 10/19/17
If we're sold out of challah this week, there's still a chance you can get a loaf! Submit this form, and if we have extras, we'll deliver one to you. We'll charge you later through PayPal and send you an email when your challah has been delivered to your dorm.

The number of extra challah we bake is dependent on the number of volunteers we have, and *volunteers receive priority when there is extra challah*.

For $5.50, you'll receive a full 1 lb loaf of Challah that will be delivered to your dorm late Thursday night around 11 pm - 12 am.

For more information about MIT Challah for Hunger, visit our website at

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If you receive a challah, we will deliver it to your dorm, email you when it is delivered, and then send you a payment request through PayPal.
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