Personal Mindset Worksheet
“Thinking Patterns”
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Our beliefs are what drive our behavior. You will never act outside of your beliefs, at least not for any length of time. Most of us do the things we do because of our core beliefs.
Here is how the progression works:
Beliefs -->Thoughts --> Emotions --> Behavior
- People think, feel and act based upon what they believe.
- Beliefs are the elements from which you create your reality.
- Who you believe you are, is who you are (through behavior).
- You are the result of the ideas and beliefs you hold as true.
- Your perceptions are learned and you can change them.
- Lies are as powerful as the truth, if you believe them.
So, if you want to know why you do the things you do, a better question to ask is “what do you really believe?” At any given time, you can observe your behavior and work backwards. What am I feeling here? What kinds of thoughts are generating my emotions? What messages do I really believe?
Lie Categories People Believe

- If I feel it, it must be true.

- If I feel it, it must be real.


- If it turns out okay, then why quibble over the errors along the way?

- The destination is more important than the journey.

- I have to be perfect to feel good about myself.

- If something isn’t perfect, why pursue it?


- I must have everyone’s love and approval.

- I need permission before and can do things.

- My unhappiness is someone else’s fault.

- My past predicts or restricts my future.

- I am the way I am and cannot change.

- Things never work out for me.

- I can’t be happy unless things go my way.

- Things happen and I take them personally.

- It’s all about ME, MYSELF and I.

- People owe me for what I do for them.

- Someone or something else should meet my needs.

- A person should have it all, no matter what.

- You shouldn’t have to wait for what you want.
- My worth is determined by my deeds.

- God’s love must be earned.


- Life and God are always supposed to be fair.

- Life is supposed to be relatively easy.

- Relationships should meet my emotional needs.

- Relationship partners should be just like me.

- If it requires work, then it isn’t meant to be.
- I need to be secure before I can take action.
- I have been hurt, so I can never trust anyone.
- I know exactly how this is going to turn out.

- People like that will always disappoint me.

- I tend to either over-generalize or exaggerate things.

- I either magnify or minimize the importance of things.
Do you identify with any of these lies? What are some negative events that shaped your thinking? What were some negative things spoken or done to you? What life messages did you adopt or internalize? It’s important to be honest even if it’s painful.

One way to freedom is to replace the lie with the truth.

The following 2 sections will help you break unhealthy thinking patterns…….
~Harmful Belief Pattern
What was the "Life Lie” you think you have believed. Think back to situations revealing the lie and be honest.
What was the Triggering Event that Caused this Belief:
What was the Negative Thinking Pattern after Event :
What was the Resulting Emotional Reaction:
What was your Action or Behavior Stemming from this Unhealthy Emotion:
Let's now think about the "appropriate" or truthful beliefs to behavior pattern for the above situation in your past…….
~What could have been the Truthful Belief Pattern:
What could have been the Appropriate or Truthful Thinking Pattern:
How could things have Resulted in a Healthy Emotion:
What could be an Action or Behavior Stemming from this Healthy Emotion:
How can I Apply this to My Future Mindset:
Any thoughts you'd like to add:
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