BASIC PLAN€ 80 | 3 Concepts in 24 Hours | 1 Revision | 1 Day Delivery | JPEG Format | Printable File

+1 Revision: €25
Logo Transparency(PNG): €50
Source & Vector File: €250

Signature Design Practice Workbook: €50
Signature Design Video Step by Step: €40

€ 250 | 7 concepts in 24 hours | 5 Revisions | 3-7 Days Delivery | JPEG Format | Printable File | Signature Design Practice Workbook PDF (11-12 Pages) | Signature Design Video Step by Step (2-3 Minutes) | Maximum 3 Feedbacks in the first two weeks

CORPORATE PLAN€ 1000 | 11 concepts in 72 hours | Unlimited Revisions | 7-14 Days Delivery | Logo Transparency (PNG) | Vector File (EPS, SVG, PDF) | Printable File (JPEG) | Source File (AI)

*The corporate plan is suitable for both individuals and those who want to use their signature as a logo on a commercial platform.
*The professional plan is the most preferred plan by people. Because a booklet is prepared to facilitate their work and they grasp and write the designed signature very quickly. 

The basic plan is suitable for those who want to reach a solution very quickly. But the workbook is not prepared and the video is not sent. So if your demand is more, it may be insufficient. Or you can choose from extras.

*You can make your payment in € or $. For example $50 instead of 50

*You can find the payment information after completing the form. You can use your own bank or PAYONEER  for payment. I will forward the payment account information to your e-mail together with the "Your form has been approved" e-mail.

Kind regards,

Designer & Signature Consultant

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What do you dislike about your current signature? Why do you want to change your current signature? (However, if you prefer, you can send me a photo of your current signature by e-mail, indicating the parts you want to change. If you express your request well, it will be easier for me to create the design closest to your request.) *
What do you want in your new signature? How do you want your new signature to look? (If you express your request well, it will be easier for me to create the design closest to your request.) *
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