2019 ILA Awards Application

Thank you for submitting an application for an ILA Award!

It is the goal of the ILA Awards and Scholarships Committee to honor exemplary service by members of the Idaho Library community.

Nominees for the ILA Awards must meet specific criteria to be selected for their award. The criteria may be found on the ILA website at http://www.idaholibraries.org/Idaho-Library-Awards.
Please read through the criteria carefully before making your nomination.
If you would like to make a nomination, please fill out this form in its entirety.

Nominators must submit a completed application, which includes all relevant fields filled out on this form. Additionally, one, but no more than five, supporting letter(s) of recommendation from someone other than the nominator should be sent via email to committee chair Rami Attebury at rattebur@uidaho.edu. Nominations and letters of support will be kept confidential within the Awards and Scholarships Committee.

The deadline for the receipt of the completed application is JUNE 23, 2019.

The Award will be presented in a recognition ceremony at the ILA Annual Conference in October. Award winners are encouraged but not required to attend the ILA conference.
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With what library, library district, or library network is your nominee affiliated? (Required for all awards except Legislator of the Year and Special Services to Libraries.)
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