SoulPlay 2019: Body Worker Application
June 6-9, 2019
Lair of the Golden Bear, Pinecrest, CA

Hello and welcome!

We are honored that you are interested in sharing your talents with the ever growing SoulPlay community. Thank you for your gifts and for sharing them so beautifully.

If you don't already know about what SoulPlay is about, our events are filled with mind body and soul expanding workshops, music, lots of dancing and authentic connection. The vision of the Soul Play Healing Sanctuary is to offer participants a variety of bodywork sessions. These might include (but not limited to): Swedish Massage, Holistic Bodywork, Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure, Watsu or other aqua-therapy (yes we have a warm pool!).

We would would like the Healing Sanctuary to offer sessions that are physical in nature, so as much as we appreciate the different healing and transformational modalities, we will limit our selection to body-centric offerings.

Participation as a bodyworker will entail contributing a fee to cover festival and accommodation costs for you. This fee will be offset (and then some) by the fees collected for the sessions you will deliver. SoulPlay keeps 15% of proceeds to cover administrative costs. Shifts are typically 5 hours long (approximately 15 hours over 3 days), giving you plenty of time each day to participate in the event's offerings. Additional terms of participating as a bodyworker will be shared once confirmed.

We are excited for you to join this incredible event and share your amazing healing powers with the community! So THANK YOU for applying to be part of the team and for helping us to build this empowered community. We will review your application and get in touch with more details. And we hope that you’ll be joining us regardless of the response you receive, and know we will offer you a ticket at the price they were when you completed this application to help make that happen.

Much Love,
The Soul Play Team

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