Senior Scheduling Form
Credit requirements for graduation are listed for each area. Credits required for graduation = 25

English (4 credits) – All students must complete one credit of English I, English II and English III (Writing Intensive Course). Senior English classes = English 101 & 102 (Dual Credit at BHE), Speech (Dual Credit at BHE) or ENG 099 (BHC), Film Literature (.5 credit), Creative Writing (.5 credit) and Young Adult Literature (.5 credit and repeatable)

Math (3 Credits) - All students are required to complete one credit of Algebra I or two credits of Prel Algegra & Algebra 1, and Geometry (one credit). Senior math class choices = Algebra II, Pre-Calculus or Math 092 and Math 094 (BHC) at Galva High School or math taken at Black Hawk College.

Science (3 credits) Senior science class choices = Physics (1 credit)

Social Studies (3 credits) - .5 credit of US History and .5 credit of Civics (sophomore classes – writing intensive) and .5 credit of Government (jr/sr class) are required. Senior social science class choices = Social Issues (.5), and Philosophy (.5 credit). Dual credit @ BHE (.5 each such as – POLS 122 American National Government, PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology up to one credit).

Physical Education (3.5 credits)
Health (.5 credits)
Driver’s Education (.5 credits)
Consumer Education (.5 credits) (Consumer Economics or Ag Business Management)

General Electives (7.0 credits) Electives can be any course that is not being used for any of the above criteria.

Agriculture – Ag Business Management (only offered on the beginning of odd school years school year ex. 2019-20) (1 credit-offered every other year) may be used in place of Consumer Education with the prerequisite of Basic Ag and one other ag class. Other electives are Horticulture I and II (1 credit) and Ag Tech 1 (Construction-.5) and Ag Tech II (Welding-.5) and BSAA (Botany)/PSAA (Vet Tech) (only offered on the beginning of even school years school year ex. 2020-21).

Fine Arts – Band (1 credit), Chorus (1 credit) and Beginning Art (.5 credit)/Studio Art (.5 credit and repeatable).

Foreign Language - Spanish I, II, III/IV (1 credit each) Spanish III/IV is repeatable 2x.

Industrial Technology – Prerequisite for IT courses (Intro to IT). Class Choices = Carpentry I and II (1 credit), Cabinetmaking I and II (1 credit), Architectural Drafting I and II and Building Trades (2 credits).

STEM – Technological Inquiry (.5 credit), Computer Programming (.5), Emerging Technologies (.5 credit), Robotics (.5 credit) and Computer Maintenance (1). (STEM classes can count as science credits)

Student Aide – Senior students may request a student/office aide position for the office or a for a teacher. The class is worth .5 credit and can be taken one time per semester.

Work Release is two periods – no credit awarded.

All Seniors will take English (unless already have 4 credits), PE (or waiver but must be in a sport during that semester), Science (unless already have 3 credits), and Social Studies (unless already have 3 credits). All students will have a study hall.

Senior Class Schedule: Please list your general elective choices.
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