Teachers’ Feedback on Curriculum 2018-19
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Programme Year/semester:
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How do you rate the scope of(load of) the syllabus offered in each semester?
How do you rate the employment orientation of the syllabi?
How do you rate the achievement of course outcomes by the students on studying the given syllabi of the course?
Is the evaluation system (including internal evaluation) structured to judge how well students have achieved the course outcomes?
How do you rate the availability of resources and study material in the college and market for the designed syllabus?
How do you rate the technological orientation of the curriculum?
Did the course syllabi encourage you to expand your knowledge and perspective in the subject?
How do you assess the students’ response to the difficulty level of the syllabus?
The course outcomes are well defined and understood by the students?
Does the curriculum include cross-cutting issues like gender and environment?
Suggestions if any:
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