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Welcome to eReferral – a free online referral service for JCCCA members.

E-Referral is for active JCCCA members only. Non-members and inactive members will have their listings removed.

This form must be filled out if you would like to participate in eReferral on the JCCCA website. All the information entered here will appear on the website. If there’s anything you don’t want displayed on the website, make it clear on this form. For information, call Carrie Kennedy 303-432-7979 or Nikki Yarber 303-253-2204. You may conveniently submit this information by email to: Carrie Kennedy, misscarries@yahoo.com or mail to 12479 West 71st Place; Arvada, CO 80004.

Information for you to be responsible for:
If you move out of your zip code you must let us know for your update
You are encouraged to write a bio (100 word max)
All new members and add-ons will be uploaded every 6 weeks
If dues are not paid by July 1st you will be removed from eReferral and it could take up to 90 days to replace it after payment.
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I am a licensed family child care provider in the city of . . . The closest intersection to my home is . . . and . . . My home is set up with children in mind to create a safe learning and growing environment. My goals for working with your children are . . . I work with children in an age group of . . . . I enjoy working with children and endeavor to help you and your family.
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