The Potato Head Project Leg Warmer Tag Request Form
Thanks for your interest in putting your craft skills to work bringing hope to families with micro-preemies in the NICU! If you are a returning, verified leg warmer creator, you know the drill! Just complete the form with the number of tags you'd like (up to 25 at a time) and we'll get them in the mail for you! Please limit tag requests to quantities you can complete and return within 30 days.

If you are looking to join our list of verified leg warmer creators, after you fill out this form a confirmation message will pop up with a link to the leg warmer pattern. Your first shipment will include 5 tags, regardless of the number you request. These are your verification pairs so that we can verify your super awesome sewing skills. Once verified you can request additional tags in larger quantities and we will continue to ship to you so that you can continue creating leg warmers to be included in Potato Head Project care packages.

Are you a representative from an organization that would like to sew Potato Head Project leg warmers as part of a group act of service? We'd love to have you! Send us an e-mail at to organize a group tag request.

By completing this form you acknowledge that the pattern you receive is property of The Potato Head Project and may not be used for the creation of products to be sold for any reason. At this time we can only honor requests within the United States.
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