City Reformed Church Membership
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Personal Information
Note to married couples: Each spouse should fill out a separate form if you are both becoming members
Marital Status
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What else should we know about your marital status? (e.g. spouse's name, relevant information about your previous marriage, etc.)
Children names, ages, and baptism status:
Baptism and Prior Membership
Have you been baptized?
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If yes, by which church?
If baptized as a child have you ever made a profession of faith?
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Are you currently a member of another church?
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If "yes," what is the name, address, and phone number of that church? (We will contact them to transfer your membership if you become a member of City Reformed Church)
Are you a member in good standing at that church?
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When was the last time you regularly attended a church at which you were a member?
Written Reflection
Please tell us about your faith journey.
Briefly tell us how you came to trust in Jesus Christ for your salvation.
In what specific ways are you growing in your relationship with God? How is the grace of Jesus real to you today?
Are there any current struggles, issues, or circumstances in your life which you feel the pastor and elders should know about--or the knowledge of which would help them to shepherd you more effectively?
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