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L1T1J - My week
In this lesson, we are going to learn how to talk about things we do every week.
Task One: Watch the video and practise saying the words.
Task Two: Write the correct word or words under each picture.
Captionless Image
Captionless Image
Captionless Image
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Task Three: Watch the video. Practise saying the days of the week.
Task Four: Use the letters to write the seven days of the week. Number 1 is done for you.
Task Five: Mario and Daisy are in class. Listen to their conversation and choose the best answer to the question below.
What day does Daisy stay at home?
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Task Six: Listen and repeat the conversation.
Task Seven: Choose the right words for Daisy to complete the conversation in the video.
Mario: What days do you study English, Daisy?
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Mario: What days do you meet your friends?
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Mario: What days do you stay at home?
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Mario: And what days do you go shopping?
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Task Eight: This is Jennifer. She is talking about her week. Choose the best words to complete her sentences.
1. I study English _____ Monday and Tuesday.
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2. I meet friends on Friday _____ Saturday.
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3. _____ stay at home on Sunday.
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4. I play sports _____ day.
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5. I _____ shopping on Tuesday and Thursday.
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Task Nine: Watch the video and answer the questions using your own ideas.
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