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Welcome to Brain Bump.

This is a new type of application for content creators and for end users. It's important that we balance content and users. Not enough content and users quickly will discard the app and the content creators won't see any benefit. On the other hand, if we get the wrong type of content for the users, they will discard the app and the content creators won't see any benefit. To keep that balance, we're sticking to business content & personal development to start (business, marketing, entrepreneurship, careers, personal development, HR, etc.). Later on, we'll expand to health and wellness, relationships, spirituality, hobbies, and other topics, but for now we want a more concentrated focus on both sides. Even if you're in a non-business category please do sign up, and know we'll reach out once we open up to together categories.

By joining early
   1) You will be the first content, so as we roll out features like "most popular" your content will be at the top since it will have been downloaded by the first users, and
   2) You have a direct line to the product roadmap so can help turn this into a product that helps you!

After you sign up I'll jump on a quick call with you.

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