Australian Homeschooling Summit Application
Interested in presenting an online workshop at the next AHS? We'd love to see your ideas!

To participate, you are required to produce a high-quality, informative and useful workshop on a homeschooling topic of your choice.

You don't have to be a tech wizard, plenty of help is provided.

It can be either pre-recorded or live, or a mix of both.

You'll need to answer questions either live or in chat.

The summit runs weekdays only and you are able to choose the day/time of your workshop.

In return, you'll receive plenty of promotion, a generous affiliate account and lots of heartfelt thank-yous from the people who attend.

Here's what we did in 2020

And 2021

And 2022

This guide is an example of the help you'll receive and will help you fill out this application.


You will need to be able to record or stream good-quality video with great sound. You do not have to pay for any software. Your helpful content must fill at least 25 minutes.

Assistance is given with how to choose topics, produce and present your workshop, and promote the summit. You'll get access to written and video guides, links to further info, and the presenter Facebook group (where we're all extremely friendly).

You MUST be organised and meet deadlines. You will get plenty of time and deadlines are in stages. If you don't meet deadlines you will lose your place.

Every presenter gets an affiliate account, and gets paid a generous percentage of each ticket sale they make, so payment is dependent on your effort and audience. There are no up-front or flat payments. Promotional material (images, swipe copy, potential schedules) is supplied.

Workshops must not be blatant self-promotion and you will be provided with guidelines of what is and isn't allowed. If someone has to buy your product to get benefit from your workshop it won't be accepted. Please contact me for sponsorship details instead.

However, if you have a business you can talk about it, and I'll promote it for you - you don't have to hide it.

Workshops must be secular. Homeschoolers in Australia have many different cultures, worldviews and faiths and so topics must appeal to a wide range of home educators. Every attendee must be able to use the information, so please ensure the bulk of the content is useful to people of any belief system. It is OK to chat about religion and religious resources, it just cannot be the basis of your entire workshop.
This requirement is based on consistent customer complaints about workshops that catered to a specific worldview.
OK - Morning Baskets (with Bible study as a mentioned option)
Not OK - Making Bible study the focus of your Morning Basket

There are only 30 workshop spaces available in total, with many reserved for previous presenters. Preference is given to people who provide detailed answers, so please fill this form in thoughtfully.

Any more questions? Contact me at

Best of luck! I look forward to reading your ideas,
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