U14AA Tournament Selections
New this year: there are questions pertaining to team formation as well as tournament selections.

Please select your top six tournament selections ranked in order of preference, not according to when they fall in the calendar. Do so by typing 1 below your first selection, 2 below your second selection, etc. All AA teams must select a minimum of one tournament in each of four regions.

Note: if a team would be interested in attending either one of two tournaments held on the same weekend, they can do so by labelling their first choice as “A” and the second choice as “B”. This allows the Provincial G&T Committee greater flexibility to maximize team exposure. Two tournament selections on the same weekend will only count as “A and B”, but not as number 2 and 3 – must still submit 6 separate weekends.

Please consider your ranking of preference very carefully when making your selections. The priority when assigning teams to tournaments will be to maximize exposure. To accomplish this, teams will be sent to any of the tournaments they submit regardless of the ranking assigned to the tournament.

To be eligible to attend Provincial Championships, each U14AA, U16AA and U19AA team must have attended a minimum of 4 ORA sanctioned tournaments at the appropriate level, at least two of which must be out of Region and in at least two different Regions prior to February 21, 2019 (a minimum of three weeks prior to the first day of the Provincial Event in which you are participating).

Selections are to be submitted by July 10th.

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