Finding Us (A Nucci Securities Novel, 1) by Debra Presley Sales Blitz with review option
Once upon a time I wrote a book! I just updated the blurb and one of our designers create a new cover (see below) and so I wanted to celebrate it. I'm offering ARCs to anyone that would like to read it and placing it on sale for 99 cents!

Event Date: Aug. 6th

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Rocker Romance/Bodyguard Romance


She's beautiful, talented, and incredibly frustrating....

Bodyguard Danny Nucci will do anything to keep gorgeous pop star Abby Murphy safe--even if it means turning off his desire for the talented vocalist. After all, Danny's career is on the line, and now is not the time to jeopardize that. But when Abby's ex-boyfriend turns into a vicious adversary, Danny's forced to take matters into his own hands.

He's strong, determined, and unbelievably rugged....

Musical sensation Abby is ready for some freedom and independence. Leaving her cheating ex-boyfriend in the past is her top priority. The only problem: he's their guitarist. And he's not going down without a fight. Suddenly, Abby's in more danger than she ever imagined. Turning to her sexy bodyguard is her only option to let go of the past once and for all. But can a broken bodyguard with demons of his own find a future with an international star?

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