Super Blue Blood Moon Observation
On January 31, 2018, a rare lunar event will be visible in the Philippines: a Super Blue Blood Moon. The moon will be a "Blue" Moon as it is the second full moon of January. A Total Lunar Eclipse will also take place and make the Moon appear blood-red. The last time a lunar eclipse coincided with a blue moon event was 152 years ago. Lastly, the moon will be a Supermoon as it will be closer to us than usual and will appear bigger and brighter.

Be an Observation Station Host and let others experience this once in a blue moon event. Let us simultaneously set up different observation stations across the country.

If you're up to the challenge, you can set up your very own observation station.
An observation station should meet the following requirements:
*Set up at least one telescope for observation
*Observation should be free and open to the public
*Secure venue (and permit if necessary)

Photo-documentation of the event is highly recommended.

Signing up in this form confirms your participation as an observation station host.

Official list of observation stations shall be posted here:

photo of the blood moon last 2014
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