Spring 2023 Choreography Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in choreographing for our Spring 2023 show! Auditions will be held on Saturday, February 11th at Athletic Garage Dance Center, and the performance will be on Saturday, May 13th at AGBU Performing Arts Center in Pasadena. This form and the $60 deposit need to be submitted by the deadline of Monday, January 30th, 2023.
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What is LA Unbound?
LA Unbound is the largest dance company in Los Angeles, bringing together talented local choreographers and dancers of all backgrounds and styles. We produce two original, full-length shows per year (usually in May and November) featuring contemporary dance, ballet, tap, hip-hop, burlesque, modern, bollywood, aerial, and more. Some of our participants are full-time, professional dancers/choreographers/teachers, but most have day jobs outside of dance, and enjoy LA Unbound as a fun and non-competitive opportunity to  rehearse and perform in their free time.

How does the audition process work?
Auditions begin with a brief showcase of each choreographer explaining their dance and showing some of the choreography. Each dancer will have an info sheet where they can note if they are interested in the dance and able to attend the rehearsals. We will then audition groups of dances by style in 20-minute blocks where dancers will learn about 24 counts of choreography in that style, while the choreographers of that style watch and take notes. After the auditions are complete, all dancers will be dismissed and the choreographers will stay for a one-hour Choreographers Meeting where the dancers will be divided up into the different pieces. 

What happens next?
After auditions, choreographers will be given their dancers’ email addresses and will contact them and begin rehearsals. It’s up to choreographers to schedule and run their rehearsals (please see full policies and procedures listed below). Most pieces rehearse for 1-2 hours once a week. Everyone meets for full-company rehearsals one month prior to show date and two weeks prior to show date to run all pieces in costume and get notes. We then have a full day at the theatre, which includes a dress/tech rehearsal and performance, 
Your name *
Style of dance you are submitting *
Name of song/artist you would like to use *
How many dancers are you looking for? *
Where will your rehearsals be held? *
When (day of the week and time slot) will your rehearsals be held? *
What is the theme/story of your piece? *
What kind of costumes/props would you like to use? *
Anything else you'd like to tell us about your piece?
Please list at least one link to a video of your choreography (reel, previous performance piece, class combo, etc) *
Please type your name to submit an electronic signature for each of the below items.

Choreographers are required to pay a $60 deposit (via venmo @la-unbound or PayPal to launbound@gmail.com) when submitting their choreography. The deposit will be refunded in the form of two tickets to the show. If you drop your piece from the show, you forfeit your deposit.

Type your name below to acknowledge that you understand and agree to the deposit policy.

Once you commit to choreographing, you must follow through with presenting your piece in the show, barring any unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. Dropping your dance at any point between auditions and the performance would likely mean that a dancer who was cast in the show is no longer able to perform in the show through no fault of their own.

Type your name below to acknowledge that you understand and agree that you will not drop your piece from the show, and if you do so you will be penalized by forfeiting your $60 deposit as well as your ability to choreograph for the following LA Unbound show.

All costumes MUST be approved by LA Unbound by no later than one week prior to the first run-through rehearsal (which occurs one month prior to the show). There are three options for where/how to obtain your costumes, costume accessories, and props (or some combination of the below):

1. You may borrow LA Unbound costume items (our vast inventory may be viewed online at pinterest.com/launbound).
2. You may have your dancers wear their own clothes.
3. You may buy your own costumes, which you will then keep. If you do this, you MAY NOT REQUIRE your dancers to purchase their own costumes. You can give them the option to buy and keep their own costumes, but it has to be up to them individually.

Type your name below to acknowledge that you understand and agree to the above costume policy and also agree that you will return ALL costume items and props belonging to LA Unbound immediately following the final performance. If you fail to do so, you will either purchase identical replacement items or reimburse LA Unbound for the full cost of identical items.

The following items will be due to LA Unbound by the end of the second run-through rehearsal (two weeks prior to the show date):

 Final, cut music
 Video for projection (if applicable)
 Stage Manager notes
 Lighting notes
 Confirmed costumes (worn at run-through) as noted above

Type your name below to acknowledge that you understand and agree that failure to provide any of these items by the specified date results in the forfeiture of your opportunity to choose your own lighting, video projection, or costumes, as applicable.

Choreographers are responsible for finding, scheduling, and paying for their own rehearsal space.
Choreographers are responsible for setting and enforcing an attendance policy with their dancers.
No piece may be longer than 4 minutes and no music may contain any profane language.
If you want to change your style, concept, or song at any point after auditions, you must obtain written approval from LA Unbound.

Type your name below to acknowledge that you understand and agree to the above additional notes.
• You must have your rehearsal location and days/times selected in order to submit choreography.
• All choroegraphers are responsible for finding, scheduling, and paying for their own rehearsal space.
• No piece may exceed 4 minutes in total length.
• Your music cannot contain any profane language.
• Your $60 deposit will be refunded to you in the form of 2 tickets to the show. If you drop your piece from the show, you forfeit your deposit/tickets.
• If you want to change your concept, style, or music at any point after submitting your piece, you need to obtain approval from LA Unbound.
• All choreographers must stay for the Choreographers Meeting immediately following auditions.
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