A Powerful 4-Session Training Program in Personal Development!
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⚡What is Breakthrough Accelerator?
✔️ A Powerful Personal Development Program
Created to help ex-offender develop personal mastery to propel you to new heights of success! We do this through providing our breakthrough training and mentoring for individuals committed to making a positive difference in society. Who are willing to do the ongoing personal and professional work to uncover personal roadblocks standing in the way of your success.

✔️ Practical Curriculum
Our holistic BA curriculum uses sceanrios relevant to ex-offenders. It will illuminate how you react to challenging situations, and triggers from external environmental factors. It will also support you in building an empowering mindset that leads towards actions in achieving your goals.

✔️ In-demand Adaptive Skills you can't learn from school
Our curriculum focus on problem-solving, decision-making, perspective-shifting and public speaking skills, that empowers you to excel and achieve personal mastery and breakthroughs.

The best part of this training is that..

It will teach you how to calibrate your life compass and design your personal roadmap! ...

Giving you a competitive advantage in your life and career...

Plus you'll learn to craft your Hero's Journey...

because you have life experiences that can inspire and help others!

⚡Course Modules
Every ARCHITECT starts building his project by designing a blue-print first. That's where you will begin.

By mapping out your dreams on a blank canvas. And we will give you the tools, teach you the skills, and mentor you to create your reality from this blueprint!

We will systematically help you draw out your life mission through tools like:
✅  5H Human Change Framework
✅  Success Blueprints
✅  Beliefs Systems and Values Calibration
✅  Positive Reframing
✅  Purpose Design
✅  Road mapping & Goal setting

That's why it is important to attend ALL 4-Sessions of this training program!
⚡Course Dates
(100% Attendance is required!)

Saturdays / 9.00AM to 2.00PM (includes Lunches)

Session 1 - 28th Aug
Session 2 - 4th Sep
Session 3 - 11th Sep
Session 4 - 18th Sep

This program is conducted at a physical training venue. But due to the Covid-19 situation, we will update you if there is a need to postpone to a later date.

⚡ About the Trainer & Curriculum Developer
GLENN is a leadership consultant and breakthrough strategist. He is known to turn-around leadership crises and organisational stuckness, to breakthrough their business humps to their next level of potential.

After his "Wake-Up Call" where he came close to a life sentence, he is now a different person. Today, he advises and serves on various national initiatives, and has been consulted and worked with government agencies and community sector organizations.

He is also the Founder-Chairman of Architects Of Life, and a highly sought after regional keynote speaker. His training sessions are known to be dynamic, engaging and inspiring.

Glenn is also a transformational psychologist credentialed in the field of behavioural sciences, specialising in human peak performance. He is an accredited assessor of over 35 psycho-profiling instruments, making him an authority in human potential and development. His passion is to empower individuals to fulfil their fullest potential.

⚡Who is This For?
✔️ Ex-offenders who need to breakthrough from their self-stereotyping & self-sabotaging patterns
✔️ Ex-offenders who have been hard-hit during this pandemic and want to take control of their lives/future again
✔️ Ex-offenders who need a sense of purpose, direction, and the knowledge/skills to develop your personal roadmap
✔️ Ex-offenders who want to not just Do Well in their lives, but to Do Good and give back to society

⚡What Past Graduates Have to Say?
"The most valuable takeaway from BA, was how much I found out about myself; and the skills which I have gleaned from it on how to manage myself."

"BA provided me with the basic knowledge of the 5Hs, namely: Head; Heart; Hands; Habits and Herd. It also helped me lay the foundation on how to apply the 5Hs to my life in order to achieve much better results for myself as I progress along."

"BA was the place where I broke through, overcame my fear of public speaking, and shared my life story before an audience."
A training program like this, including lunch ranges between $590 to $750. Just for this special edition, Architects Of Life will be absorbing all training costs for this run. If selected for this training program, each participant will be charged a nominal admin fee of $40 each (inclusive of Lunch).

This is made possible due to a corporate sponsorship.

LIMITED to only 10x Seats!

❤️ ABOUT AOL - www.architectsoflife.sg
ARCHITECTS OF LIFE (AOL) is a social enterprise that specialises in developing the human potential of youths-at-risk and ex-offenders through outreach, developmental and intervention programs. Our vision is to help transform them from stigmatised Stereotypes to societal Archetypes.
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Feel free to text / call - 9299 4148 (Ms Yi Juan)
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