OASC Advisor of the Year 2019

SECTION 1. The purpose of this award is to recognize an advisor who has served outstandingly on the local,
district, and state levels. Nominations will be submitted by each District Advisor. A winner of the Oklahoma
Advisor of the Year must wait 5 years to be nominated or to win again.

SECTION 2. Each nominee must be an advisor of a school student council which is a member of the National
Association of Student Councils.

SECTION 3. A committee shall be appointed each year by the third year advisor. This committee's
responsibility shall be to select an award recipient from the nominees. Ex-officio members of the committee shall be the first year advisor, second year advisor, third year advisor, and the recipient of the award from the
previous year. In addition the third year advisor shall appoint one advisor from each quadrant of the state as
defined by Interstate 35 and Interstate 40.

SECTION 4. Nominees must be submitted before the annual convention to the Executive Director by October
20. Application will be available to advisors prior to date
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